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Do you like to make pizza at home? Do you crave that authentic wood fired flavor but don’t have a way to make it happen? Here’s how I turned my pellet smoker / grill into a homemade pizza oven with amazing results.

- Transposing your grill: My pellet smoker / grill has a drip tray underneath the grates to catch all the rendering fat as your protein cooks. I simply removed the tray … exposing the pellet burn box below (which is covered to avoid any liquids from entering) revealing a beautiful flame coming out the sides of the cover.

- Creating the cooking space: I then put the drip tray on TOP of the grates (with a pellet tube to one side to act as a crutch) to create a beautiful 3” high space to cook my pizza in.

- Cooking Surface: You might ask what am I cooking the pizza on? A SCREEN, I always use a screen directly on the grates to get a crispy crust (some use a stone) …but for me what’s the sense of all this if I can’t get that beautiful wood fired flame to penetrate the dough with flavor.

- Cook temp and time: I set the grill to 460 degrees. At that temperature, start to finish for a sauce and cheese pie, seven to 10 minutes(depending on grill). Spin at 3 minutes because as you know the back of the oven, or in this case .... grill, is always hotter than the front.

- Pies with toppings: For just a few toppings no matter whether they are veggies or meat this method works fine, but for a fully loaded garbage pie you might need to finish in an actual oven on broil to get all the toppings to cook thoroughly without burning the bottom.

- Removing the pie from the grill: Because we are dealing with direct heat, the screen can get very hot and bendable, so I use a pizza tray to slip under the pie and simply pull it out from the grill and then take the screen off separately .. this will help you to avoid any terrible circumstances like dropping that masterpiece on the ground!

- Knowing no two smoker / grills are the same, this method will only work for the ones that share a similar make up and design.

Buon appetito!!









If you do try this method, please use all safety precautions as we assume no responsibility for any injuries as a result.

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1 Comment

Jul 08, 2021

Looks amazing! Might have to try this.. been hearing about grilled pizza for years and never tried.

Thanks for posting this!

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