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History of BBQ Brisket

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

It is likely that Jewish people in Central and Eastern Europe were among the first to smoke brisket, as smoking meat was a way to preserve it before the advent of refrigeration. The practice of smoking brisket likely originated in the Ashkenazi Jewish community, where it is a traditional dish often served at holidays such as Passover. However, it is not entirely certain that Ashkenazi jews were the first to smoke brisket.

Texas brisket became popular in the United States due to the influence of Central Texas barbecue. In the early 20th century, German and Czech immigrants settled in Central Texas and brought with them the tradition of smoking meat as a way to preserve it. They also brought the technique of using indirect heat and wood smoke to cook the meat, which is now a hallmark of Texas barbecue.

As the technique of smoking brisket spread throughout Texas, it became a popular dish at barbecue joints and pit masters in the state began to develop their own unique style. In particular, the use of post oak wood, which is native to Central Texas, became a defining characteristic of the region's barbecue.

In recent years, Texas brisket has gained national recognition and popularity, with many pit masters and barbecue restaurants from Texas earning accolades and receiving widespread attention in the media. The delicious taste and unique preparation method of Texas-style brisket has led to its growing popularity.

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