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Charlie's Carolina Mustard Chicken!

This is a blog written by a good friend of ours Charlie DuPont, who not only is a huge MeatBoneZ supporter, but an exceptional cook and grill master! Normally we like to post about our own creations that encompass step by step how to's for those wanting to pick up tips or ideas for barbecue. However, in this case, we are letting our friend take the wheel so he can share with you some of the best chicken I have ever had the pleasure of sampling. Butterflied chicken drumsticks finished in MeatBoneZ Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce!

Charlies method.

1. The chicken drumsticks were filleted open from the top down, alongside, and around the bone, to expose the inside meat.

2. Then patted dry and covered with a light layer of olive oil and coated with a good amount of steakhouse rub consisting of salt, garlic, onion, red bell pepper, parsley, natural butter flavor, and turmeric extract, placed in a container with some Worcestershire sauce and allowed to marinate overnight.

3. I removed the drumsticks from the refrigerator and allowed them to rest before placing them on the Traeger (approximately 20 minutes so they were not cold going onto the grill).

4. While they were resting, I set the Traeger Silverton 620 to 185 degrees. I then "smoked" them for approximately 45 minutes using Traeger Gourmet blend pellets.

5. Afterwards, the heat was turned up to 325 degrees and grilled for approximately 15 minutes at which point I covered both sides with MeatBoneZ Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce and flipped just one time, until fully cooked (approximately 35 minutes in total. Some were thinner/smaller and took less time).

6. I then let them rest for approximately 10 minutes and then served.

Charlie's notes:

"The flavor to me was unique in that it had a touch of all the ingredients but none were overbearing. It had a subtle buttery flavor, with mild smoke, and just the right touch of a vinegar flavor at the end, which was brought in by the MeatBoneZ Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce"

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